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Making properties across the UK more efficient

Whether you need a new boiler or fresh insulation at your property, Greener Futures based in Wales offer a suite of energy-saving services designed to meet the needs of homes and businesses right across the UK. We share valuable expertise in the renewables industry and can deliver unrivaled project management, equipment installations, and more.


Our team understands that not everyone can afford to make such drastic changes to their properties, which is why we promote the government-funded grants that are on offer and assist customers with their application process. Give us a call and we'll tell you more about it. 

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Get help with the cost of improving your home's energy usage, including Affordable Warmth grants (Eco 3 and Local Authority Flexible funding).

Grant funding

Insulation that meets current building regulations means warmer homes. We can add it to lofts, flat roofs, and external and internal walls. 



​We can assess your old boiler and replace it with a new boiler that works better and costs less to run. 


Harnessing solar power (ASHP or GSHP) is a popular way to cut energy spending and reduce carbon emissions.

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It's Good to Talk

No project is too big or small for us. At Greener Futures based in Wales, we work with homes and businesses all over the UK so that they can reduce their energy usage at a pace and budget that meets their specific renewables needs. Don't hesitate to tell us about yours today. 

Warmth grants

Some people can't afford the costs of improving their home's energy bills as it usually requires replacing old equipment. Greener Futures can help you understand the grants that could be available, such as the Affordable Warmth Scheme, and help you navigate the application process.


Having bad insulation is as good as having none at all. When you use your heating, having poor or no insulation allows the warmth to escape. We can properly insulate your property so you save money and use less energy.


We only work with products that are good for our customers and the environment. Whether your home requires a new gas boiler, electric storage heater, or LPG central heating, we'll help you understand the products on offer and install the right one for you. 


More and more property owners are turning to renewable energy to improve costs and sustainability. We're trained to install a host of solar products, including PV and solar-assisted water and ground-heating equipment. 

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