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Energy project management services for homes and businesses in the UK

Choosing Greener Futures as your next energy project manager will save you money and prevent you from performing work retroactively, costing you much more than it would if added during construction. In just seven simple steps, we guarantee the completion of all projects and to the agreed specifications. Our qualified and professional team will work closely with yours to make sure all stages are performed successfully, from concept to implementation. Improve your company's green credentials today and give us a call. 

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​Our Process

It only takes seven steps to secure a greener future for your home or business.  We like to keep the process as efficient as possible to reduce your downtime and keep business running as usual. Tell us what work you need doing and we'll make a start on the first step. 


Client Initiation: A hassle-free conversation about the energy project management work you'd like us to do. 


Establish Eligibility: Before getting started, we'll quickly verify if the work you request us to do is possible on your site.


Surveying: One of our professional consultants will make a visit to your site to perform essential surveying work. 


Confirm Works: We'll confirm the work you'd like us to carry out and explain how we're going to do it.


Confirm Start Date: We'll get in touch to let you know when our work is going to commence and give you a deadline for when it'll be completed. 


Work Completion and Sign-Off: Our team will arrive on-site and carry out the necessary work within the agreed timeframe. If you're happy with the work, we can sign off. 


Aftercare: All our work comes backed by warranties and guarantees, so once our work is signed off, we'll return to your site immediately should anything go wrong. 

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It's Good to Talk

You don't need to have a project in mind. After sharing some details about your property with a member of our energy project management team, we can tailor a solution to you that will cut costs on energy bills and provide a real ROI. Don't hesitate to give us a call or use our contact form to get started. 

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