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Qualifying for eco 3 funding

Eco3 = energy company obligation - the objective is to help domestic property occupiers & owners for example it does not matter if you homeowner, a tenant or even a landlord. The funding takes a holistic approach, the key factors are how are you heating your property - where is the property situated, i.e which county as certain counties offer flexible funding routes, or does anyone who registered as living at that property receive an income-related benefit. there are numerous benefits that qualify.

Heating fuel types that work with eco 3 funding

We want to help our clients maximise the funding available, so the fuel types that work really well are properties that use electric, bottled LPG or no heating system at all - LPG - renewables such as ground or air source heat pumps are also working well.

Qualifying benefits.

Pension guarantee credit,income-related ESA,income-based JSA,income support, severe disablement allowance, both child & working tax credits, universal credit, child benefit (criteria to meet), disability living allowance, personal independence payment, attendance allowance, carers allowance, industrial injuries disablement allowance.

Ministry of defence benefits.

War pensions mobility supplement, constant attendance allowance,armed forces independence payment.

local authority 

a lot of local authorities run the flexible funding route to access the eco 3 funding - each authority has its own qualifying criteria which could include household incomes, age of occupants and the current health situation of the occupants. plus your property must be a D or below on your current epc rating,


These eco 3 eligibility changes will potentially add 1.8 million households to lists of grant eligible properties across the UK.

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